Aaron and Ashley | Rum River Minnesota Canoe Engagement Session

By Kelley Asbury | March 29, 2022
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Limitlyss Wellness | Brainerd MN Small Business Branding Session

By Kelley Asbury | March 24, 2022
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{Shop Small | My fav for Small Business Saturday}

By Kelley Asbury | November 28, 2020

It’s a little late in the game for Small Business Saturday, but it’s not too late to do your Christmas shopping, or ANY time of the year shopping. I thought this was the easiest way to add a whole bunch of links in the same place (instead of trying to link them all in Instagram!). SO. In no particularly order. A whoooollle lot of small quality businesses. This is by no means an exhaustive list (there are SO many great businesses out there) but I can personally say I’ve worked with, or purchased from, or used something from every business on this list! Yummy coffee, trendy clothing, and beautiful artwork: Fun treats, lots of colorful games and toys, AND lactose free ice cream from my favorite place: Speaking of… my favorite ice cream place (they sell their flavors at Goodys, but they have SO much more at their main shop): Bike rentals, delicious food and coffee, cute clothing (and earrings!), and bike shop: Favorite local getaway, on the Cuyuna trails, feels like you’re out in the woods: Seriously good coffee. AND SCONES: Small batch made clay earrings. SO cute! Beautiful, custom hand lettering: THE most beautiful, handmade, Pendelton wool and leather bags: A gift shop with something for EVERYONE:…

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{Mr and Mrs Clare | Nassau Bahamas Destination Wedding}

By Kelley Asbury | June 9, 2020

Wellll. We all know how bad I am blogging, but I knew from the get go that I DEFINITELY wanted to blog this Nassau Bahamas destination wedding. I thought I’d get to it last fall, but I had a super busy season (yay for the business, not so much for the blog haha), and then I thought for sure I’d get it up by their 1st anniversary. If you follow me on insta… you’ll see I actually said that it was “coming to a blog near you soon” ON APRIL 15th. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Which would have been in time for their April 27th anniversary. That obviously didn’t happen… but I knew that I had to get it up before I do their family photos with their new little guy in about a month and a half! haha. So with all that said….. Darius and Sally’s wedding was not only (obviously) a gorgeous wedding in an unbelievable setting, but it was also a super special one given that Darius and my husband have been best friends since 7th grade. Like Darius said in the speech at our wedding they’ve pretty much done everything together and on similar timelines (except now with the kids thing 😂😂😂 apparently we have some catching up to do!). So to get asked to be a part…

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{Nathan – Class of 2020 | Woodsy Senior Session}

By Kelley Asbury | May 19, 2020

Ya’ll. This is the final senior in the “Class of 2020 Senior showcase! Nathan’s woodsy senior session included his shotgun, and trap & skeet uniform, plus lots of flannel and I loved it! He was also the last senior that I shot last year, so we got some pretty, late fall, color! Thanks for being so easy going, Nathan! I hope you’re finishing up your distance senior year strong, and that this next year is a great new chapter for you! Kelley P.S. Wanna see all the other seniors? Click here to view the rest of the “Class of 2020 Senior Showcase” Nathan’s woodsy senior session – Class of 2020!

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{Sydnee – Class of 2020 | Softball Senior Pictures}

By Kelley Asbury | May 2, 2020

Ahh you guys! Sydnee was one of my final seniors of this past season, and her softball senior pictures (along with the WHOLE of her session) did not disappoint! This girl is so joyful and was such a blast to work with! Again, another day last fall where it rained and rained and rained, and then POP out came the sun just in time for Syd’s session, we may have had to fight some humidity and a whole lot of bugs but hey we had some perfect sunshine and this girl was a trooper! Sydnee, I’m sorry that you didn’t get to play your final softball season, but I’m sure that there will be more ball in the future for you! I hope you’re crushing the rest of your senior year and the best of luck to you this fall! Kelley P.S. We’re on the home stretch of the Class of 2020 Showcase, but you can still check out any of the posts you missed by clicking here!

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{Emmitt – Class of 2020 | Baseball Senior Photos}

By Kelley Asbury | May 1, 2020

Emmitt’s session was another cloudy, windy, try to beat the rain session… but honestly I really love the images that we got! He was super game for anything I asked him to do, and just as game for the list of things his mom wanted :) And of course… I got to do some baseball senior photos so I was a happy photog! haha Emmitt is on my dad’s baseball team, so I’ve gotten to watch him play ball for quite a few years which makes it even more fun to work with him! Emmitt, thanks for running ahead of the rain and being a fun session to work with! I hope you’re doing well in the final stretch of your online senior year, and best of luck as you plan for this fall! Kelley P.S. Have you seen the rest of the Class of 2020 Showcase? If not, click here to see all the other great kids I had the honor of working with! Feel free to share and show them some love! Class of 2020 – Baseball senior photos!

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{Ryan – Class of 2020 | Cardinal Football Senior}

By Kelley Asbury | April 22, 2020

This Cardinal Football Senior, Ryan is also a basketball AND baseball player! He grew up playing baseball with my brothers, and I did his older brother Jordan’s seniors quite a few years ago, so it was that much more fun to hang out with him. He’s not only an easy going kid, but a very polite and nice one as well… So easy to shoot with! Also. It literally rained throughout Ryan’s entire session. But he was such a trooper, and I think it made for some pretty cool images. We spent a lot of time dashing back and forth from cars and umbrellas, and he had to change more than once after getting soaking wet! Ryan, thanks for being such a trooper and making it easy to shoot your session, despite it pouring throughout. I’m looking forward to seeing where this next stage of your life takes you, I know it’ll be good! Kelley P.S. If you missed the previous Class of 2020 posts, you can click here to see them all! Ryan, Cardinal Football Senior – Class of 2020!

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{Ryan – Class of 2020 | Breezy Point Senior}

By Kelley Asbury | April 20, 2020

The weather for Ryan’s Breezy Point senior session was super unpredictable, it was rainy and cloudy and windy, and then it would clear up. The funny thing, was that I shot his older brother’s session the year before and we had the SAME weather! 😂 Ryan was such a chill kid to work with, very easy going! The kind that settled pretty naturally into poses, which makes my job so much easier! Breezy Point Resort is one of my favorite places to shoot, both weddings and sessions, and according to his mom, Ryan and his brother have spent a lot of time there growing up, so it was the perfect place to shoot his seniors. Ryan, thanks for being so easy to work with, I had a fun time with you and your mom! Good luck finishing up your senior year, and hoping that your next stage of life is a little more “normal” than your senior year was! 😉 Kelley Class of 2020 – Breezy Point Senior Session!

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{Bella – Class of 2020 | Cardinal Volleyball Senior}

By Kelley Asbury | April 17, 2020

This Staples Motley Cardinal Volleyball senior, Bella, was another fun session! Ya’ll know how much I love sports photos, and sports photos in the SM gym are even more of a fav! I started my photo career at The Staples World, shooting sports, so it has some good memories for me. One of my favorite parts of this session is that we did her photos at some similar locations to some of my other previous sessions that were also Staples Motley students, but Bella’s images turned out totally different then those sessions… just a good example that photos are more about you as a person than your location, and we can make your photos unique to YOU, no matter where we take them!! Bella! Thank you so much for choosing me to do your seniors, I had such a fun time with you and your mom! Finish your senior year strong, despite all this craziness, and the BEST of luck with your next season of life! Kelley P.S. If you missed them… the previous Class of 2020 Showcase posts are HERE! Cardinal Volleyball Senior – Class of 2020!

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