Why I love Winter: Sledding

Or Sliding… :-) It’s which ever way you look at it. Last week after church some of the families went to the hill. It was so nice out, the week before it had been in the negative temperatures, but on Sunday it was in the 40s. Spring is coming! [which maybe, just maybe means that this is one of the last posts in this series for the year]

Snowball fights, good friends and lots of exercise coming up the hill :-)

 {Kate kept sliding back on the sled… and eventually slide right off!}

{Mom has a whole passel of little ones :) Rachel, Elijah, Kate, and Ian}
Snow ball fight! 
{Ethan taking cover from his dad}

{Amy getting plastered by Daniel}

 Daniel better watch out ;)

Fuzz insisted on walking up the hill *every* time all by himself. Quite the man.
Natalie being… Natalie. 

Ian!! I love this little kid. :D 
{Just to be clear… It’s a doggy hat… *not* a bunny.}

This is when he was being my chariot driver… “GO! GO! GO!” 

Lost some people along the way….

Hey pretty girl! 


On a kind of sad note… there’s not much snow left around here.. everything’s turning to MUD :P 
[new series coming in the next month or so…. Why I love SPRING!]