Why I love Winter: Pond Hockey

Since my friend Ruth Ann Logan  is so special [well… maybe more ’cause she lives in Flordia ;) and has never experienced *winter*] this blog series is dedicated to {her}! The things we do every winter… and the things that I enjoy the most of it. Right now… I’m really loving winter. Can’t say as much when it get’s to be about April 1st… [or even March 1st] but right now… I’m liking it!

First off: Pond Hockey!

This year the kids put a bunch of work into clearing off the pond right by our house… it has lots of swap grass, but they were really dedicated and worked really hard. The hand cut the reeds, and warmed up the lawnmower and cut them shorter [before it got stuck on after freezing] and then applied layer and layer of water [which involves warming up the hoses, pulling them down, putting on a layer, draining the hoses, bringing them in… and repeating]

So it’s not quite finished… it’s still got a couple of spots that need another layer.. but it’s getting there, and it’s better than driving the twenty minutes into town. =) Here are a few pictures from our first night on the ice….

{Mark checks Amy into the snow bank…. and then she has to recover while he leaves ;) }

 {Mark imitating some Wild player…}

{Sometimes learning to skate is hard work}

 {I love this one.}

 {A picture of the girls…’cause they deserve one too… even if they aren’t as good}

 {Aren’t they cute???}
{annnd skating means… shoveling…. and lots of it}
Looking forward to more Thursday posts about winter :))