Why I love Winter: Darkness

So, I’m pretty sure people who live in MN will think I’m crazy. And a couple days I would have thought this too…. but the other night I was struck with the fact that I’m actually *thankful* for the darkness of winter. For a couple reasons.

One: [and the reasoning behind this post] Is the fact that we see things that we wouldn’t otherwise see… Lights on the street at night, beautiful stars, gorgeous early sunsets, cozy nights that would have been spent outside if we didn’t have early darkness. I got to a basketball game early and had some time to kill, and was struck by how much prettier our town is at night, with all the lights. That’s when I realized that instead of hating it… I’m actually going to try enjoy it!

And then the other reason: If we *didn’t* have the darkness and the short days and long nights, we just wouldn’t appreciate the long days and all the lovely light of the summer. :-)

So, remember to enjoy everything this winter!