Why aren’t we?

“There are so many bad things that we see down here, and we ask God why He doesn’t change them… I can’t help but wonder if He’s asking us the same thing…” [To Save A Life]

I, just like everybody else, have wondered why there is so much pain, suffering and hurt here on earth. At one point, I kind of came to the conclusion that we’ll never fully understand, that there are some things that we won’t be able to comprehend.

Although there are things that we might not understand, in a way, that conclusion made me a little apathetic. Yes, there are some things that we can’t change, like my friends dad who has a brain tumor, and that I don’t understand, but not understanding shouldn’t make me dispirited or unconcerned. It wasn’t as if I “could care less, but yet deep down I figured there are some things that wouldn’t change.

Last night I watched this movie, [To Save A Life] for the second time, and that quote stood out to me. Really, why aren’t we doing? Instead we’re just asking, someone else to do something. * Don’t the scriptures promise that we can do all things with Christ? [Philippians 4:13]  But yet we, the Christians in America, as a whole, have become completely passive, when we should be the movers! As Shane Claiborne wrote, “Where are the true Christians? We are surrounded by passive believers and unbelieving activists.” [The Irresistible Revolution]

Yes, there are some things we can’t change, but there are just as many or more, we could change. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort. And sometimes, it doesn’t take much. Sometimes little things go a long way.

I think we’re asking the wrong question, instead maybe it should be what am I doing to change this world? To change my world? To change my neighbor’s world?


*I’m not saying we shouldn’t ask God for things, or we shouldn’t pray, that’s not the point here.

Both a great movie and a great book, I highly recommend both!

I don’t like the fact that my Reflections posts have been missing pictures, as much as I like words, I like photographs more. I’ve been busy and sick, but I’m making a resolution to shoot more! :)