Two Spots of Joy

I know I’ve blogged about these two before. But I really love them. And they are truly two spots of joy in my day… as I’m writing this, every so often Fuzz runs into my room and pears over my desk to give me a kiss. Oooh how happy is that. And so…. you get to see more pictures of these little cuties. Hopefully they make you smile a little of how much I do!

 This. just makes my day. 
 Petie loves anything to do with hair… which explains why she’s wearing three “hebands”

 My little man. 
She likes to hug him. On her own terms ;)
 It’s interesting watching twins grow up.. they really love each other. The other day I was listening to Kate [while she was supposed to be taking a nap] telling a story about “da bear outide! Jijah, toot it! Jijah toot it! While Elijah was now where in the room. 
 And then they got a little crazy….
 And a little goofy….

But they settled down because they like the camera. 
Fuzz’s “camera face”


 This one has to be one of my favorites. It’s just so classic.

 Although this one comes pretty close…….

Personalities coming out……
 Playing with their big bro…

 Apparently she didn’t want a kiss…. she wiped it off. 

 He was pretty happy with himself for conquering that mountain of pillows… must be all that weight lifting and push ups that he does….
 So this girl…. has style. An eclectic style.. but style none-the-less. Yes, she is wearing five different shades of pink and stripes, checks and herringbone all in the same outfit. 

And I wish I could claim this amazing picture of Elijah.. but Mark takes the honors.

And the three of us :)