Two for One – The Twins

Some “just because” portraits of my little siblings.

{Showin’ off her “pretties”}
{Kate is *the* most girly girl in our family. She’s in love with purses, shlip-shops [aka. flip-flops] and raids my make-up drawer¬†consistently. Funny thing is… she actually knows that lipstick goes on your lips [granted it was on the top of her lip.. but it’s the right place] and that eyeshadow needs something to put it on your eyelids [like a q-tip!] }¬†
{oh, and hair things… ponies, headbands.. clips, you name it, she loves it}
{Now Elijah… He’s the very opposite. He loves any kind of animal, moos [cows], bock-bocks [chickens] or doats [goats], and helping dad with the chores}
{ I mean seriously, look at those muscles from carrying that pitchfork around! :) }
{ The two of them together… just too cute. This picture is just a classic. I love it. }
{Both personalities comin’ out…}