{The Zahms | Kimball, MN Family Photography}

Oh my, get ready for a long post. I absolutely love this family, and we have lots of fun together! They’re all such a bunch of cuties, have amazing eyes, and they tell the best jokes :) We had good times hanging out with my camera….

 {Sarah’s the second oldest [you already saw Luke’s pictures over here] }
 {She’s one of my good friends, and a beautiful girl. We have lots of good deep conversations together}
 {Natalia is next… and she’s a girl after my own heart :) my type! Plus she laughs at all my jokes… which makes me feel like I’m actually funny}

{I did a happy dance when I saw this picture, isn’t she *gorgeous*?!}
 {Daniel is Zahm number 4, and he’s pretty cool}
 {He always helps clarify the jokes that Benjamin and Ian tell wrong}
{Sometimes I wish I had hair like his}
{He and Daniel get along pretty well}

 {And they’re pretty good on the tramp}
 {And then there’s Benjamin, the mischievous one}
 {But he’s also quite the gentleman, and thinks deep thoughts}

 {you can’t forget Ian… he tells the *best* stories}
 {and has the cutest giggle}
{Isn’t he a cutie!?}
 {annnd the littlest one. Zoe.}
{But just because she’s the littlest doesn’t mean she isn’t tough… “Zoe’s tough, one time she got hit by a shovel!” ~Benjamin}
 {They like their big bro}
 {all of them!}
{Yes, they’re cool}