{The Rabe Family | Crosslake, MN Family Portrait Photographer}

When we used to live in Nisswa, my family and the Rabe family belonged to a Bible study together. I haven’t seen most of them in a long time, so I was really excited when Stacy got a hold of me looking for family pictures.

We couldn’t have had better weather/light if we had ordered it! And obviously such a cute family helps :)

Thank you Rabe Family for using me for your family pictures!

2014.10.12_KJK_DSC_0697 2014.10.12_KJK_DSC_0713 2014.10.12_KJK_DSC_0726 2014.10.12_KJK_DSC_0739 2014.10.12_KJK_DSC_0741 2014.10.12_KJK_DSC_0780-Edit 2014.10.12_KJK_DSC_0789 2014.10.12_KJK_DSC_0799 2014.10.12_KJK_DSC_0865 2014.10.12_KJK_DSC_0914 2014.10.12_KJK_DSC_0925-2 2014.10.12_KJK_DSC_0934 2014.10.12_KJK_DSC_0945 2014.10.12_KJK_DSC_0955 2014.10.12_KJK_DSC_0959 2014.10.12_KJK_DSC_1033 2014.10.12_KJK_DSC_1097 2014.10.12_KJK_DSC_1113 2014.10.12_KJK_DSC_1115 2014.10.12_KJK_DSC_1143 2014.10.12_KJK_DSC_1175