The Amazingness that is Katie S.

One of my closest friends is going into her senior year, and  a couple weeks ago *I* got the sweet opportunity to take her grad pictures. Let me tell you, we had the best time /ever/!! Seriously. Katie is game for anything and everything. She has such a sweet heart, and is a lovely daughter of God. She also has an insane amount of energy. Insane. Ever meet the Energizer bunny in person? I have ;) So we went lots of places, took lots {and lots} of sweet images, and had lots and lots of fun. I had a really hard time picking images to post, because there were too many great ones! Thanks again Katie, for choosing me to shoot these special pictures.

{One of my favorites}

{This green door made me excited! loved it.}
{Can’t decide which of these I like better. Either way, both are some of my favs}
{This old school was creepy, yet amazing at the same time}
[oh yeah, and someone lives in it. We found *that* out :/ ]

{typical Katie look}