So almost five years ago I met this cool girl, who asked me what my favorite thing household chore was… “cooking, cleaning or laundry?” :-)

She was a photographer, and even though she was quite a bit older than me, she treated me like a friend. And she came into my life at the perfect time, when I was just starting to dabble in photography. She’s the one who told me to check out books from the library to expand my knowledge, helped me buy my first DSLR, took me to PWP {which is fabulous… check out the button on my side bar… you know you wanna go!} and was the answer to *lots* of my questions.

We got close. She felt like a big sister.


Then along came…


And they decided to get married.

On the beach. In South Padre Island, TX. Brett is a pretty cool, and Susan is soooo cute and happy with him but the best part about them getting married?? {well, not really the best, but close}

Susan asked *me!* to take her pictures. It meant so much to me that Susan wanted me there. And I wanted to be there!

It was a lovely gorgeous day, but then Brett took my friend to… Louisiana, and then… the Bahamas. :( And I didn’t get to see her very much. I *did* get to hang with her one day in Portland this summer when we both happened to be there at the same time.

Happy Day! {Later that day I was talking about how much my sister [real sister] and I looked alike, and someone said, yeah I could tell she was your sister when she came to visit… hehe}

Anyway, this ended up being a long post to say…..

I’m going to visit her. in the Bahamas. For ten whole days. Tomorrow.

I *will* keep up to date, and you’ll get to see all the fun we are having….