{Summer Happenings | Personal}

Oh gosh, life’s been crazy! Crazy good. Quick picture update… because I’ve the days are full until I leave for California.. IN FOUR DAYS! I’m going to be there to second shoot a wedding with Katherine [who I featured   here]  and then we’re going to road trip and do fun things for the next seven days. :) So excited for it all, but it’s coming up way too fast!
Anyway… here is a little of what my summer has looked like:

Garage saling with friends

{Chilling at the beach with the fam after long days}

{Photoshoots – engagement pictures, seniors, a family, a dancer….}

{teaching swimming lessons}

{drinking coffee, lots of it, eating ice cream}

{running a 5K with a friend [without training, ugh!] }

{learning new music}

{watching lots and lots and lots of baseball. And then some more} which I currently do not have pictures of…whoops!

{writing baseball stories for the paper}

{annnnd….. weeding the garden, milking goats, butchering chickens, visiting camp for the day, fun 4th celebration, playing volleyball, soaking in all the sun that’s finally here, giving haircuts, planning trips, cleaning cabins, a lot more}

What about you? What’s your summer entailed???