{She’s coming to visit | Personal}

All I can think about right now is this lovely lady…. 


Katherine and I meet two years ago at photojournalism class in Atlanta.. we were roomies :) The only picture we have of the two of us that week {ok, we look tired… but we had just finished 70 hours of class in five days. Yes.} And she also takes extremely lovely photos: {http://www.katherinealison.com}

I got to visit her last year in California… and we did lots of amazing stuff, including shooting a wedding, hanging in San Diego and Coranado, camping and rock climbing in Yosemite and lots of other adventures. And now she’s coming to MN! :D

Tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow.

Which means I’m scrambling to catch up on last minute things which included lots of photo work, things for the newspaper, CPR recert {ugh}, filling out a camp application {I’m guarding for a week this summer! Yay!}, and wayy too many other things.

So… so long for the next week, during which we will be shooting another wedding, canoeing on Pillager Lake, exploring the country and camping up the North Shore {among other things}. :)

Until then!