This was probably one of the best days down there [and this is also the last Bahamas post, hope you’re not sick of it :) ]

Saturday we did so much stuff but it was also a really relaxing day. After getting back from Rose Island, and then going shopping at the Straw Market and to youth group at the Davis’ church we got some *good* sleep in a BED and were ready for a full day.

We started at Fort Fincastle, a fort from the “Pirate Days”, used to defend Nassau. We got a super amazing tour guide that we couldn’t understand. hehe =)

 { Kara *attempting* to push the cannon}

We then went to the Queens Staircase, which was built for the queen to escape to the sea if she had to. It took 16 years to build, chiseled out by hand, and had 65 steps. It was pretty amazing. The picture just don’t really show how huge it is.

 { Our pretty cool brothers}
 {Susan on the Queens Staircase}

{Susan took this cool shot}

 {Thanks to Derek’s amazing photography skills we have this picture}
{The perfect tourist – minus the big belly}
These next pictures of the fort and the staircase are from Susan…..
 {Don’t you just love this one?}
 {Susan is amazing. If you’re planning on getting married in the Bahamas you should check out her website :) }

 {Aren’t we such a cute family? ;) ]

{One of my favorites. I was drooling over Susan’s lens the whole time we were there… 105mm f/2.8. mmmm yeah.}
We then went to Arwak Cay (pronounced Key) and got some daiquiris [yummy!]

 {Rocking out to some “Rake ‘n Scrape” – “I just don’t think it would be the same listening to this in MN..” ~Kara}
 {Arwak Cay’s Bathrooms…. yeah they’re pink :) ]

 {We also got to try Conch Salad…. It was interesting. Good, but I could only handle a little bit. It consists of raw conch, tomatoes, onions, green peppers and lots of lime, lemon and sour orange juice. Picture courtesy of Susan}
 {This was a “fake face”, she actually didn’t really mind it… but Susan told her to make a face, and she’s an obedient little girl….}
{Twin Brothers!}
 {Mark and I at the beach}
 {The wind was even stronger than the day before when we got stuck out on the island, and the waves were crazy!}

 {The waves were incredible! We ended up with one in our car…. hahah “AHHHHH, here. it COMES!” Love you Susan!}
{Another cute family picture}
We then went and got all pretty to go out to eat at Atlantis. 
 {A bunch of pretty girls}

{The whole family… and Shiloh!}

{The buffet was amazing… especially the deserts… oh boy. It was a good thing we all wore our “buffet dresses” haha]
 {The boys… notice all Derek’s drink glasses. He got really into trying a bunch of juices}
 {Best picture of the trip ;) btw, the bowl is actually beets, not dessert…}

 {Beautiful Susan… with her sprinkles}
{Posing around Atlantis… trying to walk off all that food}
We wandered around Atlantis in the dark, looking at all the aquariums and the buildings. They were all really amazing, especially in the dark. I’d have to say my favorite was either the shark tank or the starfish… 
 {I stuck my hand in the ray tank to get a cooler shot… but it didn’t end up any cooler than the one from above. haha, oh well so much for being brave ;) ]