Saturday Sharing: Your Story

So I know this is supposed to be Saturday Sharing.. but I’ve been a little absent from this blog.. and I decided to share some of my heart today [so it’s technically “Saturday Sharing” right?]

Anyway, it’s been an interesting month. In both good ways and bad. I wanted to share something that I wrote in my journal last night that God told me. I decided to go out skating late last night after working and we had a good talk.

Every good story has conflict. We learned this in Photoj, they teach it in writing classes, it’s what makes the story. No conflict, no plot, no excitement. 

I wanted an adventure, but in reality I didn’t want the conflict. I wanted excitement, but I really didn’t want the hard stuff. 

Sometimes… I feel like I’m swimming against the current. Like one step forward, two steps back. My Zenfolio account balance tells the story… up $20, down to -6… up again… down again. It’s what I feel like the rest of my business is doing.. and sometimes the rest of my life.

When I pictured an adventure, I see in my mind overcoming the world, climbing mountains, warring against LIFE. But when the world looks me in th eye, and when real life comes tearing around the corner I don’t get it. I thought it was supposed to be easy climbing the mountain!?!? [ok, maybe it’s a lot of tough work.. but not too hard]

Do you really think that in the movies, when the hero is staring down the barrel of a gun, the think… “Oh, it’ll be ok.. I’m the hero, everything has to turn out right.” ? [ok, yeah, it’s just a movie.. but bear with me… these things do happen in real life.] When we watch a movie, or read a story we’re fine in the action parts, because hey! they’re the hero! 

My point is, as Christians, we are the hero of our story. We have even more security than being the lead role in a movie when the conflict comes, because we know that all things work together for the good of those who love God. [Romans 8:28] And with Jesus we are more than conquerors. [verse 37]

See, we might have a mountain to climb, a river to swim or a gun in our face, but we’re not going to die because we’re the hero in God’s story. 

I wanted a story, and that’s what I’m getting.