Saturday Sharing: Two Photographers, An Idea and an Event

Last year…. Actually I think it was early spring… A friend of mine [Laurel over at Chai Addict] from my first IPS class and I came up with this idea:  “shooting together”, the same things, or ideas, and posting them online. We called it a Long Distance Photoshoot.

It was really a lot of fun. Then I got *super* busy and life got crazy… and so I didn’t make the events. I still enjoyed looking at peoples images, and helping Laurel with new ideas. We’d love to see it keep growing.. you should join us!

This last shoot, “New and Old” [head over here to see the rest of the images] I finally got around to doing it… even if I was a couple days late ;)  And it was fun!!

[Something New]

[Something old… taken at the Restore Store with my phone ;) ]

So this is me saying…. if you are a photographer.. or just enjoy taking pictures… head on over and join our group page for updates on when the next event is! You’ll get a chance to shoot more, to get encouragement and feedback from other photogs, and lots of inspiration!

Group page: Long Distance Photo Shoots 
Next Event: Self Portrait [So excited about this one… join us!]

Hope to see your RSVP there! :D