Saturday Sharing: Katherine Alison

There’s this girl named Katherine… that I kind of first met online [meaning we were in an online photo class together] and then we *really* met at Photoj [a workshop hosted by IPS] last August. Actually, we were roommates.

Since spending that week together we haven’t seen each other in person [unless Skype counts ;) lol] but we kept in touch. I’ve been following her blog, and lately I’ve been super impressed by the stories she is posting.

Well… she *did* get to go to New Zealand with IPS, and those were some amazing stories, which you should check out. But my favorite recent post was this one about a Thanksgiving outreach. There aren’t many words, yet the story is really strong.

So you should head over and check out Katherine Alison Photography. ‘Cause it’ll make your life richer.

[This is the sadly the only picture we have together, but it brings back good memories! :) The end of 60 hours of intense photography training in five days…. apparently your brain doesn’t think straight anymore. haha!]