{Saturday Sharing: Balancing Beam}

A friend of mine [Abbey] mentioned this video the other day during a good conversation. We were talking about how as Christians a lot of times we’re so scared of falling, or sinning, or getting corrupted that we err on the side of safety. Always. We rarely take risks, because we’re scared of getting stained? Or hurt? Or.. Or.. Or..

That’s not what God called us to do! We’re here to seek first the Kingdom of God, not safety, not salvation, the KINGDOM OF GOD. Which means we need to be conquers, overcomers, on the defense, not the offense. Someone recently said, “I truly believe that He who is in me is greater than He who is in the world. I truly believe that, and that’s why once I’ve raised my kids I send them OUT into the world.”

Our God is greater. Do we truly believe that? Then let’s stop clinging to the beam and get out there! There’s no point in staying pure or unscathed if we aren’t doing things for the Kingdom of God!