{Sarah – Class of 2014 | St. Cloud, MN Senior Photographer}

Sarah is a friend of mine, and it’s been a while since we were able to catch up. So this session was double the fun, as I got to take pictures of a gorgeous young women, and at the same time get to spend time with a dear friend.

Sarah, I’m so excited to see where God takes you as you finish high school and figure out the plans He has for you! Love ya!

– Kelley

2014.05.16_KJK_DSC_1893 2014.05.16_KJK_DSC_1901 2014.05.16_KJK_DSC_1907 2014.05.16_KJK_DSC_1913 2014.05.16_KJK_DSC_1925 2014.05.16_KJK_DSC_1948 2014.05.16_KJK_DSC_1968 2014.05.16_KJK_DSC_1990 2014.05.16_KJK_DSC_2004 2014.05.16_KJK_DSC_2023 2014.05.16_KJK_DSC_2027 2014.05.16_KJK_DSC_2048 2014.05.16_KJK_DSC_2069 2014.05.16_KJK_DSC_2079 2014.05.16_KJK_DSC_2080