{Ryan – Class of 2020 | Cardinal Football Senior}

This Cardinal Football Senior, Ryan is also a basketball AND baseball player! He grew up playing baseball with my brothers, and I did his older brother Jordan’s seniors quite a few years ago, so it was that much more fun to hang out with him. He’s not only an easy going kid, but a very polite and nice one as well… So easy to shoot with!

Also. It literally rained throughout Ryan’s entire session. But he was such a trooper, and I think it made for some pretty cool images. We spent a lot of time dashing back and forth from cars and umbrellas, and he had to change more than once after getting soaking wet!

Ryan, thanks for being such a trooper and making it easy to shoot your session, despite it pouring throughout. I’m looking forward to seeing where this next stage of your life takes you, I know it’ll be good!


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Ryan, Cardinal Football Senior – Class of 2020!