My Trip Wrap-up

I was going through pictures today….and I couldn’t resist posting one more “wrap-up” of my trip pictures. It was just a *really* good trip. I found I was having hard time picking out pictures.. so it’s another long post. Hopefully y’all don’t mind.

Sunday was probably the worst day – we had to bring my siblings to the airport. They had to go home early because of school… which meant I was the only Kossan left in the Bahamas. Pretty depressing, I know.

We stopped a few places on the way to the airport.

 {A really cool chair made of shells at the caves that we stopped at}

 {These little chairs needed photos…}

Later while the sun was starting to go down us girls went on a “photo walk” down to the shore. Fun pictures along the way….

 {If I had a lot of money I would buy this house}

 {Or this one…. this house was seriously from a fairytale or something… I wanted to see inside! But it wasn’t directly on the ocean [lol] and it was kinda pink…. }

{gorgeous light}
 {More gorgeous light and a boat, and some palm trees. mmmmmhhhm}


 {Our personal photog } 

The next day we went to Aquaventure at Atlantis… fun times! Rapids, Lifeguards ;),  *amazing* slides  that went straight down into the dark, lots of stairs, oh and guys in speedos {ewwww, so disturbing!}  Susan was telling us about how when she goes she spends pretty much the whole day in the “lazy  river” and we secretly thought…. that sounds pretty boring. Well there wasn’t much about that river that was lazy :) lol

 {Derek watching sports, Kara watching the coffee pot to melt the ice, and me reading the welcome book. [oh and Susan who wasn’t there, but was] hahah}

 {Susan hitchhiking her way home while we stayed a second day}

{The Suite at Atlantis…. Justin Bieber’s playground. “Where they get the $25,000 a night to stay there I don’t know” ~ our infamous tour guide from Saturday. photo credit: Derek}
{Heading up the tower to where the Abyss was [the slide that went straight down into darkness] Ange, Derek and I ran up those 6 times in a row.. 10 flights…. tired legs…. nice adrenaline rushes [“that woulda been the lamest thing *I* ever did] }
 {The exit for the Abyss [two of the walls were fish tanks] btw, I am not *that* much shorter… I’m just not standing up straight….}
 {Waiting to get picked up…. and trying to ignore the taxis.. I started fiddling with the camera}

 {Except for the lifeguards, Atlantis wasn’t so good to Ange… she put a nice concrete rash on her knee and stepped on a piece of glass, leaving a trail of bloody footprints behind [although that was an *excuse* to go ask for a band-aid] hehe}

 {The huge avocado and the tiny Tabasco sauce bottle}
Our last full day in the Bahamas we just did some hanging out. Went to the Cloisters, which was really gorgeous, and then played at the Ocean Club Beach, which ended up being some of the most fun times we had swimming in the waves}

 {This picture does the waves *no* justice. They were just *huge* and soooo much fun! It was *almost the best part of the trip. I ended up with the beach in my hair [literally, I had to bring it home to MN] and some bystander was about to save Derek. Ange and I were standing just getting our feet wet at first… when the wave just took us.. and whoop! flat on our back.. rolling around on the sand, while Derek and Kara are laughing}

 {Potcake says….. }

And all good things must come to the end… and we headed home. To the snow and cold of the North Pole.

But we did have some adventures on the way home… and met some pretty funny people… and rode the trains in Atlanta and ate good [American] food. And came back to the snow! =))

{Camping out at the ATL airport}
And this is *truly* the end of the Bahamas post…. I think I’ve kinda of exhausted the pictures. Hope ya’ll enjoyed!