{My Summer | Staples, MN}

I wasn’t even planning on doing this LDPS… Summer’s been so crazy busy… but as I was editing a shoot for a book I’m designing for someone I found this picture I had snapped at the end of the night… and realized it really said summer for me.

I could have picked a picture of all the hours of baseball that I watched this summer [my bros’ team placed fifth at State so it was *lots* of hours] or my trip to California with the camping and pictures and beach time, or teaching loads of little kids to swim, or camping out in the yard and eating smores with my sibs….

But this one really kind of says it all for me… amazing photoshoots, insane light and beautiful evenings with fam and friends. That’s what *my* summer has been.

PS. I am SO blessed

PPS. ¬†This is SOOTC ¬†{straight out of the camera} It really was this insanely gorgeous. {and yes, I don’t care if that qualifies me as a nerd, Mark!}