{Morgan – Class of 2015 | Clitherall Lake MN High School Senior Photography}

Morgan is from Council Bluffs, Iowa… but goes to school in Hutchinson… but spends the summers in Clitherall. So even though I’m far away from both those two places, I still got to be the lucky one to shoot her senior session. Their lake home was a photographers dream, with lots of fun out buildings, a fabulous orange chevy, and the gorgeous Clitherall Lake. Add this beautiful senior and we set a record for shooting the most pictures of a senior session ;)

Morgan, I’m so glad you found me and that you chose me for your senior session. It was great to meet both you and the rest of your family!

– Kelley


2014.07.28_KJK_DSC_3807 2014.07.28_KJK_DSC_3888 2014.07.28_KJK_DSC_3897 2014.07.28_KJK_DSC_3963 2014.07.28_KJK_DSC_3964 2014.07.28_KJK_DSC_3967 2014.07.28_KJK_DSC_3984 2014.07.28_KJK_DSC_4007 2014.07.28_KJK_DSC_4074 2014.07.28_KJK_DSC_4092 2014.07.28_KJK_DSC_4115 2014.07.28_KJK_DSC_4126 2014.07.28_KJK_DSC_4142 2014.07.28_KJK_DSC_4165 2014.07.28_KJK_DSC_4176 2014.07.28_KJK_DSC_4180 2014.07.28_KJK_DSC_4210 2014.07.28_KJK_DSC_4225 2014.07.28_KJK_DSC_4275 2014.07.28_KJK_DSC_4283 2014.07.28_KJK_DSC_4289 2014.07.28_KJK_DSC_4332 2014.07.28_KJK_DSC_4344 2014.07.28_KJK_DSC_4351 2014.07.28_KJK_DSC_4375 2014.07.28_KJK_DSC_4394 2014.07.28_KJK_DSC_4434 2014.07.28_KJK_DSC_4440 2014.07.28_KJK_DSC_4461 2014.07.28_KJK_DSC_4492