This weekend I got to shoot my cousin’s grad pictures, and boy was it fun. Mitchell was the best sport ever, even when we got up to two hours and it was over 90 degrees and *humid*. He was a great poser, too, I didn’t even have to tell him what to do! Thanks for being one of the easiest people to shoot, Mitch!

These aren’t all, or even most, of my favorites… I just started editing last night and ended up with 63 “favorites” and a lot more “really good ones”. :-) Here’s a couple.

I like this one…. a lot. 

These scrap cars were pretty fun to work with :-)
So this alley was great! Next to this building was a gorgeous white building… the best reflector you could hope for! This is one of my favorite… doesn’t he pull off the serious look well?
mmmm, yeah. *another* fav
This one is probably my favorite out of the whole shoot.
Model material? I think so.