{Megan – Class of 2015 | Pequot Lakes High School Senior Photographer}



Megan is a Pequot Lakes Senior, but came my way for her senior pictures because she wanted some at the Staples depot. I was super excited to see all the props she’d brought with her, and we had some fun at all the different sites.

Thanks for being so much fun to work with, and such a gorgeous model, Megan!

2014.08.14_KJK_DSC_3365 2014.08.14_KJK_DSC_3440 2014.08.14_KJK_DSC_3449 2014.08.14_KJK_DSC_3490 2014.08.14_KJK_DSC_3492 2014.08.14_KJK_DSC_3612 2014.08.14_KJK_DSC_3618 2014.08.14_KJK_DSC_3640 2014.08.14_KJK_DSC_3684 2014.08.14_KJK_DSC_3716-Edit 2014.08.14_KJK_DSC_3764 2014.08.14_KJK_DSC_3784-Edit 2014.08.14_KJK_DSC_3831 2014.08.14_KJK_DSC_3872 2014.08.14_KJK_DSC_3936 2014.08.14_KJK_DSC_3982 2014.08.14_KJK_DSC_4009 2014.08.14_KJK_DSC_4071-Edit-2