{Matt – Class of 2013 | Staples Motley Highschool Senior Photography}

Matt and I had fun with his senior session, we basically drove all over Staples and found some really sweet places that aren’t usually used :) Thanks for the great time, Matt! 

 The story behind this is kind of funny… We were finishing up Matt’s session and we ended up getting stopped by not one train, but TWO trains. For a total of 22 minutes. No, that’s not a typo, we were there for 22 minutes. But Matt didn’t let that bother him, next thing I know he’s got his chair out next to the tracks and his pop, and he’s enjoying the waves and thumbs up from the conductor, and cheers from everyone parked behind us. Too bad the overpass is opening this month… ’cause that’ll put an end to great parties like this one ;) 

Can you tell we had some fun on this one? haha