{Katie – Class of 2020 | Staples Motley Cardinals Senior}

Holy cow, this Staples Motley Cardinals senior was SO much fun to work with! Not only does Katie have an adorable style, but she was really chill in front of the camera. Keep scrolling to see how cute she looks in her straw hat! And yet again (see a theme here! haha), I got to do some sports photos, as Katie is a basketball player. Fun fact, the newspaper I started my photography career at was the Staples World, so I spent mannnny hours in this same gym shooting for them. So even extra fun that I got to go back there so many times this senior season!

Katie, thank you for being such a joy to shoot with! Good luck with the rest of this senior year despite the challenges it’s been bringing, and wishing you so much joy and ease as you go into the next chapter of your life!


P.S. Class of 2021! I’m booking YOUR year! Shoot me a message HERE and we’ll start chatting about all your options!!

staples motley cardinals senior

Staples Motley Cardinals Senior – Class of 2020!