{Jonny and AJ – Engaged | East Grand Forks, MN Engagement Photography}

I met AJ a few summers ago when she was working at Camp Jim and I was the sub lifeguard for a week. She then moved off to college in East Grand Forks, where she ended up volunteering at a non-profit coffee shop named The Ember. Turns out, there was this guy who also volunteered there. He was also on the worship team at the church AJ attended, and so she knew of him, but one day they connected and officially met at the coffee shop…. and the rest is history ;) Jonny proposed at The Ember as well, so when they suggested going there for engagement pictures I said YES please!

It was fun to reconnect AJ, and to meet Jonny. You two are absolutely adorable together, and I can see how much you enjoying being together. You made my job a breeze!


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