{My brother Mark on the shore of Lake Superior}

I was sitting with my sister in Culvers helping her do a paper for her interpersonal communications class where she had to observe two strangers in conversation and record their non-verbal communication. I was trying to work on some assignments at the same time, and felt absolutely no creativity what so ever. 
So I did what I usually do when something like that happens. I wrote. This is what I ended up writing.
I feel like I have no creativity. What happens when I don’t, when I’m not feeling inspired, and I have to go to a shoot? I just go, and don’t worry about it, and I start to get excited about the people I’m shooting, and as that happens I become creative with the things that I have. Even if it’s at a playground, and even if it’s not my favorite people ever. 
People inspire me.
People inspire me because stories inspire me and each person has their own story to tell.
People inspire me to write stories.
Stories inspire me to visualize images to go with them.
Old things inspire me because they once belonged to another person and, to me, they represent unknown stories. 
Vintage things inspire me to imagine the people behind them.
And people inspire me to write stories. 
I’m not sure why it was such a revelation, but it was. I’m also not sure why it took me this long to realize it. I’ve always been a very imaginative person, and when I was little my favorite thing to do was make up stories in my head. I was terrible at telling them because, although I didn’t realize it at the time, they weren’t stories made of words, they were stories made of pictures. :-) 
{If you’re interested in having me tell your story, shoot me an email….. believe me, I’d be more than happy to meet another inspiring person! }