{Hensel Family | Brainerd, MN Lifestyle Family Photography}

Laura is a friend and fellow photographer of mine, and I got the chance to shoot her extended families pictures this past week. It was fun to meet the rest of her family, and I loved seeing their relationships. Each of the three couples had such cute interactions with each other, and I can tell as a whole their family really enjoys each other. Laura’s sister Erica and her husband Tony are moving across the country soon, and so it was a chance for them to get pictures all together before life changes!

We finished the portrait session out with a bonfire and s’mores, something their family has been doing together lately. Lots of fun! Oh, and you can’t forget Remy, their cute little poodle :)

Thank you guys for using me for your family pictures, enjoy!

P.S. Check out Laura’s photography at http://www.lauraradnieckiimages.com/