Happy Thoughts

This little man……..

always makes me happy. Which reminds me of a lots of other happy thoughts:

Him, and *11* other siblings to make my day.
Washing my own car with those siblings :-)
Carmel Apple Chocolate Cake for my birthday. mmmm

The fact that the Lord *always* provides, even when we don’t have the faith to believe that.
How very very much He loves me.
His grace that covers me.
The sunshine *and* the rain. 
The flowers that are blooming, even in April!

A Mint Condition at Caribou with……

A network of fabulous friends who are there for you….. even when you’re crabby.

eating candy with my friend, Ange. 


Doing P90x with the bestest friends ever!
And baseball photos.
and watching brothers play baseball.
which reminds me…. I haven’t posted any baseball images yet. hmmm =D