Dual against BH/V

I went to the first home wrestling meet this week… [and please don’t shoot me for this basketball fans] it was really good to shoot something other than basketball for a change. ;)

Anyway, like I’ve been doing in early sports posts.. I’m posting the images that I think are more emotional.. but that I wouldn’t necessarily send to the paper [It’s more fun that way]

 {Pogreba – 103lb]
 [Josh Becker – 119]
 [Brady Killian – 125]
yeahhhhh [Killian ]

[Jordan Heldman – 130]
 [Austin Redemske – 140]
 [ Redemske ]

 [And another one of Redemske, ’cause I like it…]
 The bench [My brothers says that it takes as much energy to be a coach as it does to be a wrestler. lol]
 [Gavin Kadlec – 152]
 [ Kadlec – I like this picture… except for the crowd. haha]

[Chandler Trout – 189]