{Dezmond – 2 years | Brainerd Lakes Area Children’s Photography}

Dezmond was the ring bearer in a wedding I shot earlier this year… And he was quite the little man in a tux. But he looks just as good in his baseball cap, on his trike :)

We hung out in honor of his 2nd birthday, and did lots of little boy stuff!



2014.09.04_KJK_DSC_6834 2014.09.04_KJK_DSC_6861 2014.09.04_KJK_DSC_6873 2014.09.04_KJK_DSC_6907 2014.09.04_KJK_DSC_6920 2014.09.04_KJK_DSC_7009 2014.09.04_KJK_DSC_7019 2014.09.04_KJK_DSC_7036-Edit 2014.09.04_KJK_DSC_7063 2014.09.04_KJK_DSC_7078