Crazy Times!

I promise myself that I’m going to finally catch up on everything… like blogging, and cleaning, and running, etc. etc. But…. life’s been crazy! Ever since I got home from Portland {yes, I know I never posted pictures} I’ve been going, going {gone!} 24/7. I guess I kind of like it that way, it’s definitely far from boring.

The general editor at the The World {the newspaper I work at} retired, so as they’re trying to keep up I’ve gotten an assignment list about a mile long. I’m doing everything from the Ernie’s Grocery Store’s Grand Opening to the “Chili Cook-off” and The Classic Car Show. Along with all six fall sports. I’ve been pretty much stuck to my computer and the phone. And coffee’s becoming one of my best friends. {we’ve always been close, but I think it’s developed into something more ;)} I *do* get to use my camera for most of it which makes life great :-)

Soon I should get some time to share lots of thought that have been floating around in my head these months. Also have another senior session to share…. lots of sweet images coming up! That’s all for now, gonna go clean the bathrooms, make some zucchini jam, and have some coffee. Have an blessed day!