{Crazy Happenings | Personal}

Since my blog has been solid photo shoots for the last months, I figured I’d take the time to do a personal one. This summer has been crazy! God has been blessing my business, so I’ve been staying busy with sessions. I’m still teaching swimming lessons, which I still enjoy… and I’m finding time to do a decent amount of fun stuff too!

This weekend was kind of typical of the summer. In less than 36 hours I ran my PR for a 5k, speared suckers with the bros and a sis, floated the river, swam a 1/2 mile for a triathlon relay team, said goodbye to my sister who is moving to college, and played the last softball game of the season. Nope, I couldn’t move very fast the next day… and I was eating everything I could get my hands on. Wait, I might still be eating that much. haha

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures! :) Cuz a post isn’t quite as much fun as without pictures!

Happy Friday! Have a fabulous holiday weekend!