Computer….has some issues

Hi there! This is supposed to be “My Work” day… but… but… my computer has some issues.

It’s been smoking. I thought I warned him that smoking is bad for you and can give you cancer, but apparently he didn’t listen. He tried to hide it from me, but I smelt it on his breath. And, I saw the sparks from his lighter… ;)

I all seriousness though, I could definitely use some prayers for it. I have almost three months worth of pictures and documents on it that weren’t backed up [I had been meaning to do back-ups for a long time] and I also covered an event for the newspaper that I would *really* like to get paid for. {sigh}Not to mention the fact that I *really* don’t want to pay for a new computer. lol

I’m learning though to trust God in it all, and that “all things work together for good.” And if it does die… I can handle it, with Him.

A friend is going to look at it for me tonight, and hopefully he’ll be able to figure out the problem. Keep praying!