{Colten – Class of 2020 | Crosslake MN Senior}

Colten’s Crosslake MN Senior session was one of those that we got every weather condition (except snow!), it was sunny, and humid, and rained, and got cloudy and super windy! But both he (and his twin sister Cloey, who will be making an appearance tomorrow!) and his puppy weren’t phased by the weather changes!

Can I just say, I love when seniors bring their pets to their sessions!? It makes them that much more fun (and sometimes exciting, while we’re trying to get them to peek at the camera!). Thanks for bringing your dog, and being so easy going with the weather! I hope your surviving this crazy senior year, and that all your plans for next year will go on without a hitch!


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Crosslake MN Senior – Class of 2020!