{Call2All | Personal}

Ahh, I’m in LA! Crazy story, but basically God provided a way, and pushed me along to this. :D It’s so exciting. I just decided on Tuesday afternoon that I was coming, and we arrived yesterday morning. Today we start training for Call2All.

Basically we’re volunteering for a global congress, where Christian ministries and leaders from over 100 nations are coming together to strategize and collaborate to fulfill the Great Commission, to reach the rest of the world with the gospel of Christ.

Me, my sister Amy, and two of my aunts are here for ten days. I’m not exactly sure what we’ll all be doing, but it looks like I’ll be taking pictures, since the coordinater told me that the photographer had to cancel due to a surgery.

So, anyone who would like to pray, would be awesome! If you could pray for the Congress it’self, that God would be there, that He would direct the plans and actions of everyone. That the volunteers would be organized, that everything gets worked out. For us, that we would stay healthy, and focused on God and serving Him rather than ourselves. Thank you!

Here’s the website if you’d like to find out a little more about it!