{Call2All Global Congress and The Call | Long Beach, CA Event Photography}

There is so much I could write about this congress. I’d really like to share some of the stuff God did there, but I think it might have to wait until a later post (or posts!). For now I’m just going to share pictures.

A quick synopsis of what Call2All is, and what went on during the week. I’m also including pictures of The Call with Lou Engle (to find out more about The Call, and upcoming events go to www.thecall.com )

“Call2all is a worldwide movement calling the church to a renewed, focused collaborative effort to complete the Great Commission.” – Call2All Website {click here and visit it for more info}

Call2All is an umbrella organization that’s aim is to bring Christian ministries from around the world together to network and work together, so that efforts aren’t be duplicated and there is access to every ones unique talents, gifts, tools etc.

It’s called a Congress (in place of a conference) because it’s not just an event where delegates come and listen, it’s much more interactive than that. Over 600 people from over 40 different nations attended. Every morning there were “round table sessions” where everyone would come together around tables and hear a speaker talk about a certain un-reached people group, a ministry technique or something along those lines, and then the delegates would discuss it at their table. The mic would then be passed around so people could share thoughts and ideas.

At the end of the week there was a commitment ceremony, where people would fill out commitment sheets and commit to starting houses of prayer or prayer watches, evangelizing or funding evangelizim, starting churches, or reaching un-reached people groups. The numbers for this congress were:

New houses of Prayer: 70,310

Un-reached, un-engaged people groups: 1,410

Oral Bible Teams: 46,448

New Church Plants: 217,829

New Evangelism Salvations: 584,645,463

It was SO awesome to get to be a part of this! I went as a volunteer, which means I didn’t participate in the whole congress.. but I got to make sure it happened! Along with doing all the photography {which was such an awesome opportunity from God}, I got to do lots of other stuff such as ushering, handing out information, answering questions, lots and lots of set up {including World Vision’s African Village}, and tons more. I’m hoping to get a few posts written on my personal experience soon….

 {Amy working the World Vision Experience}

 {Prayer times. Lots of them}

 {Mark Anderson president of Call2all and YWAM, and Paul Eshelman, the Jesus Film}

 {Steve Douglass, Campus Crusade for Christ}
 {Two amazing staff members finishing the map}
 {Sharing thoughts during the round table discussions}

 {Loren Cunningham, founder of YWAM}

  {Prayer on the world map}
 {Prayer on the world map}
{Prayer on the world map}
 {Commitment Ceremony}
  {Commitment Ceremony}

 {Commitment Ceremony – including the hard working volunteers!}
{These next ones are from The Call on Saturday, a 7 hour prayer and worship event that was focused on ending abortion both here in the United States and in China, along with the one-child policy} 
 {Prayer on the 150 foot world map}

 {Lou Engle}

 {Prayer on the world map for the ending of abortion}