By Bro Mark: Just because portraits

My brothers complain that there are plenty of pictures of my sisters… and none of them… so I’m going to change that! :-) I’ve been meaning to play around with my flash off camera more, so the other day when it was really cold out and we had no place to go…. we camped out in the basement for a shoot. It was cold down there, but I think it was worth it….

First, you’ve got to see what it looked like. [We have fun together]

And… the results of all that crazyness! :)

 {I really like this picture, not sure why, but I do…}

 {A fav}

 {Another one}

{Total “Mark look”}
 {I think this is my favorite}
 {My bro is fabulous} 

 {He’s just really easy in front of the camera.. and he’s fun!}

{Cute? Yes.}
And now…. you get to see the blast we Kozy kids have on a photoshoot…. Ready? haha
 { REFLECTOR BOY [known in another life and Thomas] and the “need-a-larger-reflector-grab a mattress} 

 {Of course the rockstar needed a picture with the Reflector Boy}

 {Thomas’ turn!}

 {playing with the speed light.. not sure *what* we were trying to accomplish}
{Hahah, he’s so cute… but his poor ears! :) }
 {Not much comment for this one…}

 {Cool picture, very cool picture}
{Why isn’t it taking the picture….. FLASH! hahah} 
I hope you guys enjoyed our craziness just a fraction of how much we did!