{Brooke – Class of 2020 | Crosby Ironton Senior}

This is another fun session of Crosby Ironton senior, Brooke, that just screams of summer. And Crosby is one of my favorite towns in the area, so it was fun to wander around town with this cutie! Brooke was super easy going in front of the camera, and she has so many cute facial expressions, that it made it really fun to shoot! (Also, why do high schoolers have SO much cuter clothes now then when I graduated. Seriously, they all look so good and then I look at pictures of me in highschool. Ooofta.)

Brooke, thanks SO much for letting me do your senior photos, and for a fun session! Here’s hoping that you’re surviving this weird senior year, and that this next stage of life goes smoothly!


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Crosby Ironton Senior

Class of 2020 – Crosby Ironton Senior!!

{Izzy – Class of 2020 | Nisswa Mn Senior Photos}

Ahhh, Izzy’s Nisswa MN senior photos session was SO much fun. It was warm and perfectly golden sunny, Izzy is a joy to be with (and to take photos of!), ANDDD we finished the session with ice cream from the Chocolate Ox. Can it get any better?!

Izzy also had such adorable outfits, so be fully warned that there are LOTS of cute photos below! Izzy, I can’t wait to see where your creative mind takes you in these next few years! Thank you for letting me get to know you and shoot your senior photos. Good luck with this crazy year, and starting a new phase of life!


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nisswa mn senior photos

Class of 2020 – Nisswa Mn Senior Photos!!

{Issac – Class of 2020 | Staples Motley Multi-Sport Senior}

Happy Tuesday! Today, in the “Class of 2020 Showcase” is Staples Motley multi-sport senior, Issac! Issac plays football, basketball and track, and we incorporated all of those into his session. This guy was super easy to work with, and ya’ll… he was SO organized! He had all his outfits planned out, matching shoes for each outfit, all his uniforms plus his sports equipment. It made my job so easy!

I know I’ve said this about every session I’ve posted… but it’s been true for all of them.. this was such a fun session! Issac, you’re a great kid, and I know that you’re going to go on to some great things! Wishing you a great rest of your senior year, no matter what it looks like, and the best of luck in your next life chapter!


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multi-sport senior

Multi-sport senior – Class of 2020!

{Sarah | Cuyuna Lakes Senior Session}

So. Sarah’s not technically part of the Class of 2020. But when your sister is the photographer, you don’t schedule your session until the very last minute, so we shot her Cuyuna lakes senior session this past summer instead 😂 She was supposed to be… but she had all her credits done so she decided to graduate early so that she could go on to play softball at Central Lakes College. Unfortunately, their season got cancelled after one week of playing.

So that being said, I thought I would include her in the Class of 2020 showcase!

Sarah… I’m so proud of the woman you’ve become. And I’m so thankful you’re one of my very best friends! I know you’re gonna rock the rest of your semester full of science classes, even though they’re online… and I can’t wait to see move into the dental hygiene program! I love you!

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P.S. Sorry Rose… I just had to end with that adorable image ;)

cuyuna lakes senior session

Cuyuna Lakes Senior – Class of 2020 (2019! haha)

{Mackenna – Class of 2020 | Volleyball Senior Pictures}

Next up in the Class of 2020 “showcase” is Mackenna and some volleyball senior pictures! Kenna is a friend of one of my sisters, and it’s always fun to work with someone I know :) We had an absolutely perfect day, and also had some great luck with a train coming by while we were shooting! It’s also been a while since I’ve gotten to work with a volleyball player, so that was a fun change!!

Kenna, you’re such a cutie, and I’m so glad you had me do your senior photos! Good luck with finishing the rest of both your senior year, and your college classes! Looking forward to seeing where this next stage of life takes you!


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volleyball senior pictures

Volleyball Senior Pictures – Class of 2020!

{Katie – Class of 2020 | Staples Motley Cardinals Senior}

Holy cow, this Staples Motley Cardinals senior was SO much fun to work with! Not only does Katie have an adorable style, but she was really chill in front of the camera. Keep scrolling to see how cute she looks in her straw hat! And yet again (see a theme here! haha), I got to do some sports photos, as Katie is a basketball player. Fun fact, the newspaper I started my photography career at was the Staples World, so I spent mannnny hours in this same gym shooting for them. So even extra fun that I got to go back there so many times this senior season!

Katie, thank you for being such a joy to shoot with! Good luck with the rest of this senior year despite the challenges it’s been bringing, and wishing you so much joy and ease as you go into the next chapter of your life!


P.S. Class of 2021! I’m booking YOUR year! Shoot me a message HERE and we’ll start chatting about all your options!!

staples motley cardinals senior

Staples Motley Cardinals Senior – Class of 2020!

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