Baseball and Life

When I get stressed I start to pity myself. Start to say and think things like, “Nobody I know has all this on their plate.” “Look at me, I have to juggle this much.” “So-and-so, all they have to do is this.” Boo-hoo. Oh really Kelley? Well just suck it up and keep on going, because you’ll never catch up sitting there complaining that you have too much to do to catch up.

Suck it up and give it everything you’ve got.

Last night I was watching my brother’s baseball game against last year’s state champs. The first game was pathetic. One error that person was out of it for the rest of the game. One player at a time it happened to almost the whole team, and they just fell apart because their mental state went down the drain. I wanted to go over there and yell at them to stop acting like babies and get out there and play their hardest.

And then it occurred to me that I’ve been doing the same thing, but in life. And life is a little more important that a baseball game. I remember when I used to play, and my dad would talk about winning the battle, and how baseball is mostly mental. You can have the best skills in the world, and do amazing in practice, but if your not mentally tough you’ll never make it. And that’s the way I’ve been in life. It was easier to overcome my thoughts when I was at the plate, or when I was playing defense, but right now in life I’m losing the battle.

Losing the battle in my head. And that’s just where it starts.

If I can’t take over my thoughts and my attitude {’cause that’s where your attitude starts} I’m losing the battle for the Lord pretty much before I’ve stepped out onto the battle ground. So….

Maybe I should take my own advice. Stop acting like a five-year old that’s messed up, or having a rough time and wants you to pity him. Toughen up and do what needs to be done. Win the battle.