An Adventure – Roughing it on Rose

The day after we got to the Bahamas we went out to another island to go camping. It’s about a 20 minute boat ride out there, and we packed all our food and clothes into waterproof bags and took two trips out there Wednesday morning.

We started out the morning [after unpacking the boat] snorkeling on the reef. THAT was probably the highlight of my *whole* trip. It was insanely gorgeous! God *knows* what He was doing… He saw that it was good. :-) It was a really sunny day out, so the reef was really well lit and there were a lot of fish and crayfish and even a pipe fish, which is a closely related to the sea horse. Poor Brett probably got sick of all our questions!

{Fire coral and a purple sea fan}

{Me and my brother and friend Angela}
{Brett speared dinner!}
{Being towed and looking for sand dollars and Conch}
[all these snorkeling pictures were taken by my friend Kara :) ]

{The boys making a campfire for our hotdogs}

{The ocean was only a couple hundred feet from the pavilion that we slept in the first night. It was windy and cold, but gorgeous at the same time. We didn’t get much sleep, but we had some good laughs about it the next day. This is our “bedroom window” when we woke up}
{The girls}

{The guys slept in hammocks}

{This rainbow was gorgeous… too bad it wasn’t a double rainbow “all across the sky” ;) lol }

{ Machete + camera + us = some pretty amazing pictures}

{ The Lizards were everywhere}

{The third day, when we were supposed to go home it got really gusty and started to rain. The waves ended up being too big for the boat we had taken out there, so Brett’s uncle and dad came to rescue us :) It was pretty much an adventure. [This is probably one of my favorite pictures from the trip, it was strange how fast the ocean could change] }

{Amy and Kara walking up to our little house that we stayed in the second night. [no windows, no doors, plus rain and playing Mafia and squeaky shoes = some creeped out kids ;) ]

{ A Jungle trail – Take by Angela}

{ waiting to be picked up and staying outta the rain} 

{After being rescued we went through this canal thing to dock, and got to see a bunch of gorgeous houses}
[For you photog friends… you might be interested to know that all these pictures I took with my friends $200 underwater point and shoot. =) I’m almost wondering why I carrying that honking thing around with me. lol]
I have a few more pictures from the rest of the trip… but Rose Island was one of the biggest highlights!