A Cute Family!

All of them :-)

Corey, Alina, Afton and Bennet
Tyler, Carol and “Baby Joel”
And this one is just *too* cute!
Jaimie and Amy
The four “kids” {big kids}
I’m a huge fan of this picture. It’s just sooo, cute!
I could have taken pictures of these three for a loooong time…. so much fun. Afton, Bennet and Baby Joel.
is six……..
and she has the sweetest shoes a six year old girl could want……

is “free”…… and smiles when he sees his picture on your camera :D
And littlest of all is Baby Joel
who’s the cutest little flirt…. with the most incredible eyes!!!
The end. I’m planning on posting pictures from my trip to Oregon, but this is what I’ve been working on since I’ve been home, so it came first!