{Bella – Class of 2020 | Cardinal Volleyball Senior}

This Staples Motley Cardinal Volleyball senior, Bella, was another fun session! Ya’ll know how much I love sports photos, and sports photos in the SM gym are even more of a fav! I started my photo career at The Staples World, shooting sports, so it has some good memories for me.

One of my favorite parts of this session is that we did her photos at some similar locations to some of my other previous sessions that were also Staples Motley students, but Bella’s images turned out totally different then those sessions… just a good example that photos are more about you as a person than your location, and we can make your photos unique to YOU, no matter where we take them!!

Bella! Thank you so much for choosing me to do your seniors, I had such a fun time with you and your mom! Finish your senior year strong, despite all this craziness, and the BEST of luck with your next season of life!


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Cardinal Volleyball Senior – Class of 2020!

{Hailey – Class of 2020 | Brainerd MN Senior}

Hailey is a senior at East Ridge High School in the twin cities, but she wanted some Brainerd MN senior photos, as her family has a cabin on Gull Lake that holds some great memories for her. I shot her extended family session earlier last summer (they’ll be making a blog appearance at some point!), and then she reached out to see if I’d want to do her senior pictures and I said OF COURSE!

Hailey was yet another senior girl that had such cute style! Seriously, this year really had me looking back on my clothing during high school, and I think my generation definitely had the short end of the stick when it came to “style” 😂

Girl! Thank you (and your momma!!) so much for driving all the way up to Brainerd for the evening, to shoot with me! I had so much fun with you, and love how your images turned out. Best of luck finishing off your (online) senior year, and wishing you a smooth fall as you transition to a new stage of life!


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Brainerd MN Senior – Class of 2020!

{Cloey – Class of 2020 | Girls Senior Session Outfit Inspiration}

Colten’s twin, Cloey is up today! We did her session the same night as his, and had all the crazy weather, but this girl rocked her pictures through it all. Not only is she a cutie, and a natural in front of the camera, she’s got all kinds of cute outfits, definitely one for girls senior session outfit inspiration! (Class of 2021, listen up!)

Cloey, thank you for hanging out with me and being so much fun to work with! I hope your senior year is also going okay, even though it’s online, and that your plans for the next chapter of life all go smoothly! Good luck!


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Class of 2020 – Girls Senior Session Outfit Inspiration!

{Colten – Class of 2020 | Crosslake MN Senior}

Colten’s Crosslake MN Senior session was one of those that we got every weather condition (except snow!), it was sunny, and humid, and rained, and got cloudy and super windy! But both he (and his twin sister Cloey, who will be making an appearance tomorrow!) and his puppy weren’t phased by the weather changes!

Can I just say, I love when seniors bring their pets to their sessions!? It makes them that much more fun (and sometimes exciting, while we’re trying to get them to peek at the camera!). Thanks for bringing your dog, and being so easy going with the weather! I hope your surviving this crazy senior year, and that all your plans for next year will go on without a hitch!


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Crosslake MN Senior – Class of 2020!

{Cael – Class of 2020 |Staples Motley Senior}

This Staples Motley Senior was a fun one for me to work with. I met Cael when he was just 5 years old, when I started working for his parent’s resort Campfire Bay. I spent a lot of time around his family while he was growing up, so it was super fun to hang out with him and see the young man he’s grown into!

Cael has big plans, and it’ll be really fun to see where he chooses to go, and the plans that God has for his life! I hope you’re making it through this final stretch of your senior year, and that your plans for next year fall into place! Good luck on this next chapter!


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Staples Motley Senior – Class of 2020!

{Brooke – Class of 2020 | Crosby Ironton Senior}

This is another fun session of Crosby Ironton senior, Brooke, that just screams of summer. And Crosby is one of my favorite towns in the area, so it was fun to wander around town with this cutie! Brooke was super easy going in front of the camera, and she has so many cute facial expressions, that it made it really fun to shoot! (Also, why do high schoolers have SO much cuter clothes now then when I graduated. Seriously, they all look so good and then I look at pictures of me in highschool. Ooofta.)

Brooke, thanks SO much for letting me do your senior photos, and for a fun session! Here’s hoping that you’re surviving this weird senior year, and that this next stage of life goes smoothly!


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Crosby Ironton Senior

Class of 2020 – Crosby Ironton Senior!!

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